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Friday Night Funkin Games Online – Play FNF Free

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm arcade game with several modes, great soundtracks and an art style borrowed from graffiti and street art. Here you will have to prove your sense of rhythm by pressing the arrows in time with the beat and gaining points. On our site you can play the game online on your PC, smartphone or tablet. You can also download it both on your Windows and Mac. Start your music adventure right now!

The story of love… and music!

You have to play as a guy who, for the sake of his beloved girl, dropped out of college and decided to become a rapper. But it’s not that simple. The beloved couple cannot be together for one simple reason: the girl’s father is a former rock star. Dear Daddy challenges Boyfriend, but the fight will take place not with fists cliched, but in front of microphones. You will have to prove your musical abilities and serious intentions towards Girlfriend within six weeks. Get ready for dangerous antagonists, a whole slew of great musical compositions and rhythm change, the latter should be adhered to. Each week of FNF can be played at Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty.

Despite the static backdrop, what is happening on the screen doesn’t lack dynamics. The main character and his opponent are located at the edges of the screen, and Girlfriend sits on the speak and then the song begins: all the characters start to dance to the beat. All you need to do is to quickly click on the arrows in accordance with the colored indicators that appear below. Often one tap is quite enough, but sometimes you have to hold your finger on the button, or tap on it several times in a row. Additional complexity is added by the moments when you need to hit the beat at the same time as your opponent. It is worth distracting for a second, and you fail!

Rap to the beat and enjoy the groove!

In addition to the main storyline of Friday Night Funkin, where you have to compete with six different opponents, there is also free play mode. Here players have access to all musical compositions from each week at all difficulty levels. There is a table with the best results, which can be rewritten an unlimited number of times.

Hand-drawn picture, cartoon style, bright colors and detailed characters are fun to watch. One of the levels, in particular the one where the battle with Handsome is waiting for you, is made in the style of pixel art. The music and sounds are a real masterpiece, it’s worth saying a huge thank you to the composer for the cool tracks that brought the game such huge popularity. For a complete immersion in the indescribable atmosphere, we recommend playing with headphones.

So if you are a fan of rhythm arcades with good music and hardcore gameplay, you should definitely check out Friday Night Funkin! Here you can listen to some great songs, meet charming characters and set new records. It also has a huge community of fans that generates amateur modifications, breathing new life into the game. Play it online on any device or download it to your PC right now!

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