FNF Tricky Mod

You’re probably already used to all sorts of strange creatures you can meet in Friday Night Funkin. But this is the first one that is so bizarre! His name is tricky and it’s some kind of a mix between a zombie and a clown. Anyway, his green skin looks odd with his orange hair! Besides, he wears an iron mask reminiscent of medieval knights or hockey players.

And it’s better if you don’t look behind this mask! When it’s blown off, you can see that there is no skin around his mouth and his jaw is a bare bone. And he is shaking as if he is about to explode. And if he gets angry enough, he can turn into a giant demon, all made of flames, with huge claws on his fingers and a monstrous skull instead of his head.

Sounds rather frightening, doesn’t it? Anyway, you have to battle this creature in a new FNF mod! And there are some catches you have to be aware of before you enter the stage. First of all, you should steer clear of flaming back and red notes that will deprive you of around one fifth of your health. To avoid critical damage, you have to intentionally miss them. If you want to spare yourself the trouble, it might be a good idea to start with Easy mode where this notes don’t appear.

And look out for the HP Gremlin that will show up randomly increasing the impact of any hit or missed notes during the whole period of his presence. If he manually attacks you, you will be left 50% of your health points short! As you can see, Tricky lives up to his name when it comes to battling him on stage. Hopefully, you’ll fare well against him!

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