FNF Vs Paper Mario: The Origami King

Friday Night Funkin saw a major change. Boyfriend had to move away from music competitions for a while, he needs to rest. After all, not everyone can withstand such a huge number of fights. His place was temporarily taken by a well-known character to any retro gamer the brave plumber Mario. A man in the prime of his life fluffed up his luxurious mustache and is ready to resist everyone who encroaches on Girlfriend’s heart, and also the dad and mom, who do not tolerate their daughter’s fans. Mario will fight Pico, the girl’s parents, Skidoo and other heroes. Let’s begin!

How To Play

It’s easy to explain how to play FNF, but it’s not so easy to learn doing it well. You have to put a lot of time and practice into the game to win everyone! The main thing is to hit as many notes as possible. That will allow you to score enough points. Catch the rhythm of the song that you hear by clicking or patting the arrows that show up on the screen and try to avoid doing a lot of mistakes. Your opponents will do the same, they can even use some cunning tricks to confuse you. No matter what happens, you have to keep rapping to the beat. Then Mario under your guidance will successfully deal with all the rivals and will get famous not only as a plumber, but also as a great hip-hopper!


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