Friday Night Funkin Vs Coco

What a cool Friday Night Funkin game is where you will have to do everything to perform the best songs battling against your opponent! The tracks you will sing will be in differently styles. Prepare to hear some great songs that will definitely leave a lasting impression! . You will play as Boyfriend and he already has a lot of experience in performing tracks, so join the musical battles and help him win the next one. This time your opponent will be too strong, so you will have to prepare very well, maybe even play a little training. Are you ready to meet Coco?

How To Play

FNF is all about hitting the notes and doing it right. In order to sing beautifully, you will have to click on the keyboard arrows and only in this case the victory scale will move in your direction. Sometimes you will have to sing along with your opponent. There are also various great combos in the game that will allow you to score even more points. In any case, the more of them you have at the end of each round the higher your chances of winning. Depending on the level of difficulty you choose, the songs can be either slow and simple or fast and complicated. But one thing won”t change – they will always be just amazing! Start playing this great FNF mod right now and enjoy the show!


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