FNF Infection Funky // Piggy X FNF

Did you know that pigs like music too? Some of them can even sing and rap to the beat. If you don”t believe it, you should really play this FNF mod! Here you will meet a new opponent – Piggy. Although he is just a pig, he looks quite confident on stage. Just look at the way he holds the microphone and moves his pink fat body! It seems this guy won”t be so easy to defeat. But you should still try because the future of your relationship depends on it. How so? Well, the father of the girl you love made it clear that he will allow his dear girl to date only a real star. So you have to become one! And the way to glory lies through Piggy.

How to play

Before starting a musical battle, you can go through a training process. Although this is not necessary at all, it will definitely help you to perform well. A lot of different tracks have appeared in this mod, which will be very difficult to perform, but you can definitely do it, so try to show the best possible result. The action will take place on the stage. You will have to accurately press the arrows on the keyboard in time with the beat. That will increase your score and give you more chances of victory. Be careful not to miss more notes than you can afford! Otherwise you will start seeing your health drop. Play against Piggy and see if you can defeat this guy!


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