FNF Vs Amogus Imposter

During their musical adventures, Boyfriend and Girlfriend have met a lot of various characters. Some of them are probably familiar to players from other games. Like the Red Impostor from Among Us. This guy may be evil at heart, but that doesn’t mean he’s a stranger to music. In fact, he loves rapping a lot, and now he is determined to clash with our hero in a mic duel. This is going to be a real fight – literally, cause sometimes your opponent will be using rather dirty tricks to diminish your health and prevent you from scoring a lot of points. You must be ready for them and stay on your course without hesitation!

How To Play

This game is played just like all other FNF games. You will see arrows on the screen pointing in various directions – they correspond with the buttons you have to hit. Note that you need to press the buttons not randomly, but in line with the music playing. Hitting the beats will bring you points and your score will be growing. At the same time, missing notes will reduce your amount of health. When you lose all of your health, you will automatically lose the battle. Don’t let the Red Impostor win on stage and do any harm to the heroes!


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