FNF Impostor Mod

Do you remember Red Impostor from Among Us? He is quite a dangerous guy who sabotages the work of vital space ship systems and hunts down astronauts disguised as one of them. But in reality, he is an extraterrestrial trying to keep us, people, away from his home planet. Not to say that he is no stranger to having a couple of humans for dinner which can be seen at the first look at his huge toothy jaws…

But tonight you don’t have to be afraid of him. Cause he’s not here to hurt anyone. In fact, he just wants to chill out and make some music. And he challenges you to a rap duel! So our good old friend Boyfriend rises to the stage once again to fight another opponent to a fiery beat. Like in all other games, you can choose any difficulty level which will affect the difficulty of the songs.

The gameplay is routine – check out the arrows on the screen and press the same buttons on your keyboard. Try to do that in time with the rhythm. The more notes you hit correctly the higher your score will be. Every missed note will decrease your health bar. As usual, Girlfriend will be cheering for you. She isn’t intimidated by the look of Red Impostor at all, despite the fact that he is holding a mic in one hand and a blaster in the other.

What probably interest you most is whether he is going to use it. Well, there can be several endings to this chapter of the FNF story. And in one of them Red Impostor attacks Boyfriend and Girlfriend. If they will survive depends on you, but maybe it won’t get to that and you will be able to defeat him smoothly and easily!

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