Friday Night Funkin Vs Mr. Krabs

Here is another Friday Night Funkin mod in which you will need to defeat Mr. Krabs who has some serious talent for music. Do your best to play songs as beautifully and melodic as possible. You will play, as before, for Boyfriend, who will do everything to perform every track perfectly. Moreover, Girlfriend will be with him every minute, watching the performance from her favorite place on the speakers and cheering to combos. So if you feel that you”re ready for another rap duel, let”s invite Mr. Krabs on stage and see how the whole high plays out (pun intended)!

How To Play

Although you should note that some songs are so complex that it will be extremely difficult to hit the right keys in time, but you should try to do it. Before you start, you have a choice of difficulty that will determine the rhythm and speed of the tracks playing during the battle. Next, you need to select the song that you will perform, and after that the gameplay begins directly. Make sure to strike all the notes and do it right on time. This game is great for developing the sense of rhythm and the more you play it the better you will become at it. After all, probably every great musician out there once started like you, as a total freshman. Have a good time!


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