FNF: Unknown Signals

Friday Night Funkin is a fun music game where your task is to follow the rhythm in order to make various moves on stage to the music, completing levels. The plot revolves around the story of two heroes named simply Boyfriend and Girlfriend. They want to be together, but there is one big serious obstacle in their way Girlfriend has a really strict father who is willing to do anything to prevent this from happening. To be with his beloved, the guy will have to defeat the evil rocker and all his assistants, and a sense of rhythm will help him in this.

How To Play

The player can choose two ways to develop the plot: Story or Free mode. A choice of three difficulty levels is also available. You need to control the character by pressing the W, A, S, D buttons or by arrows on the keyboard they will be required so that the player can repeat that musical rhythm.

When the game starts, the guy’s opponent begins to sing the notes and the character needs to repeat them exactly, pressing the arrows or keys in time. How well he copes with the task, you can find out by looking at the bar at the bottom of the screen. The one on the right side shows the Guy’s progress, and on the left his opponent. Accurate reproduction of notes will increase the player’s streak, incorrect reproduction will fill the opponent’s string.

In the game, you need to go through several levels or weeks, containing 2-3 compositions. Each time the character will face a new rival. To win, you need to fill the player’s strip, if the opponent’s line is filled, you will lose. Good luck!


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