FNF Vs Mr. Trololo

Some people just love laughing at others. One of them is Mr. Trololo. This famous meme character is now teasing Boyfriend and provoking him to start a rap battle. And our hero is always ready for another musical duel! So he takes a mic in his hand and goes on stage to prove once again that he can rap like noone else. But will your skills be enough to defeat such a serious opponent? Let’s check that out playing this great Friday Night Funkin mod! Just like before, you will become a participant of a thrilling musical contest and will try to impress everyone with the way you rap!

How to play

To play FNF, you just need to hold your fingers on the arrow keys being ready to press one of them when another beat comes from the speakers. It may seem easy, but when the rhythm of the song is changing rapidly and you have to follow the clues appearing on the screen, you can discover that rapping is actually hard work! In the process, your character will give out various sounds and do cool moves making it look like a real performance. Moreover, you will be grooving in neon lights and you will also have your fans – your own girlfriend supporting you from the speakers where she likes to sit during the shows. Make sure you hit as many notes as possible and score a maximum number of points to defeat Mr. Trololo!


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