Friday Night Funkin: Walten Files

Meet another version of the wonderful game Friday Night Funkin. It”s a new mod that you will definitely enjoy. This time, charters from Walten Files will be the battle opponents. If you watched this cartoon, you will be particularly delighted to check this mod out. The essence of the game has not changed, you will need to perform various musical compositions precisely and spectacularly in order to do it better than your opponent. The audience has already gathered and everyone is waiting for you to start the show!

How to play

In order to begin, you will need to choose the level of difficulty on which you will play. That will change the speed and rhythm of the songs sounding from the speakers. Try to hit the arrow buttons on time as indicated on the screen and do it accurately. The more aptly you cope with this task the better your performance will be, and as a result, the chance of winning will be increased. There is also a heath bar at the bottom of the screen that will diminish or replenish depending on your actions. Winning in the first round isn”t enough yet – there are two more for you to participate in. So don”t relax after the first success and keep rocking and rapping just as vigorously as before!


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