Friday Night Funkin vs Full Week

Out of all art kinds, music is probably the most universal and widely loved. You don’t have to be a connoisseur of painting or a great expert in literature to enjoy it. You just have to let it inside your soul and feel it resonate in your heart. If you understand what it means, this game is perfect for you! Here you won’t only hear tons of amazing music, but will also take direct part in playing it!

The main character Friday Night Funkin vs Full Week is known as Boyfriend. This name best reflects his dearest dream – no, not to become a rap star, but to conquer the heart of the girl he loves. That’s why he decided to quit college and devote himself to music. Together with Girlfriend, he will travel across a variety of settings and stages challenging everyone he meets on his way to a musical battle. And it’s up to you whether he is going to win!

To make sure a duel ends in your favor, you have to hit as many notes of the song as possible. That can be done by pressing arrow buttons as shown on the screen. Most of the times, you just have to press the key once, but if you see an arrow with a dash under it, you need to hold the button until the dash will disappear. Although holding the notes won’t give you any additional points, it can be good for restoring your health that is lost when you miss notes. And there can be nothing worse for it than releasing the key corresponding to a dashed note before time! So be attentive!

Each battle sets you up against a new opponent, and you have to beat them at least in two of the three rounds. As you pass the game, you will be delighted to hear a good deal of incredible songs that range from slow and easy to fast and complicated depending on the level of difficulty you choose to play on. Have fun grooving to the beat and see if you can handle all of your rivals!

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