Friday Night Funkin Sonic.exe

The brightest adventures are just beginning! After all, now the legendary Sonic is in the game! This is a charismatic hedgehog who has been possessed by an evil spirit and now he does the most incredible. However, the whole point is that an evil spirit has taken possession of a cute and fast hedgehog. Now, the hedgehog looks very demonic and intimidating. This means that you will have to fight in a musical battle with a very serious opponent.
Therefore, you will be in trouble. This means that the main character of this musical game, Sonic, should exert himself as much as possible in order to win this musical battle and thereby gain the heart of his beloved girl. Moreover, it is more than worth it.
In this game, as well as in previous versions, you will need to press the corresponding buttons in time with the rhythm. However, at the same time, you will have a competition with an epic character who, due to his obsession, is ready to do anything for the sake of victory. Can you handle it? Most likely yes, but for this you will have to try. But the main thing is to expel the evil spirit from Sonic so that he would calm down and focus on his own shit.
But at the same time, you still have to feel the rhythm and hit the right keys in time. Moreover, each next level is more difficult than the previous one. This means that the music is playing faster and faster. It remains only to keep up with its rhythm. This makes the game even more fun. Moreover, you already have some experience.
However, the main thing is not to lose to Sonic. And do everything so that the streak of his victories does not fill up before yours. Otherwise, this hedgehog will win, thereby declaring that he is the main one on the dance floor. But this is not our option! After all, the heart of Girlfriend belongs only to Boyfriend and only he can win it. Therefore, be vigilant and act to the beat of the music, pressing the keys in time and getting points for it. This is the only way you can become a winner and get ahead of Sonic.
Friday Night Funkin Sonic.exe won’t make you bored. Indeed, in this mod, a new, but nevertheless familiar character has appeared. This is why playing this game has become even more interesting and fun. It remains only to start, plunging into the world of music and drive!

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