FNF: Saturday Night Swappin’

Friday Night Funkin is an exciting game where you will need to sing cool songs on the music scene. The essence, first of all, is to master the rhythm as much as possible, playing as various characters. At the beginning, you will play as Boyfriend, who loves to rap so much. Of course, this whole process is very, very entertaining, and it is especially important that all this will be listened to by a very special girl sitting on the stage. There are many remixes in this mod that will be interesting for you to groove to, although of course these songs are very difficult in terms of handling them properly. Opponents will be different, and best of all, here they will switch places, so you will have a chance to play for quite a lot of them too!

How To Play

Victory in FNF is earned by hard work. You have to listen to the track very carefully and hit the buttons exactly at the time when you hear another beat. Try to time your moves correctly, that will ensure that you earn a maximum of points. How do you know which buttons to press? It’s easy – just look at the screen and you will see arrows flowing over the main character’s head. They will clue you in. Missing notes will affect not only your score, but also your health. Remember that many of your opponents are very aggressive and they can also use all sorts of trick to throw you off the beat. Don’t pay attention to them and keep rapping!


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