FNF Nonsense [Full Week]

Look at this guy. He has a rather unusual appearance – his totally white skin looks a bit creepy and his tall brown hair is slightly out of fashion. Nobody knows his real name, but people call him Nonsense. One day Boyfriend and Girlfriend crush into his apartment and break his wall leaving a huge hole in it. Then a rap battle begins. And while the character may look a bit languid at first sight, he is a real monster on stage!

Let’s just start with the fact that when he is accumulating enough energy for a combo, his eyes start glowing yellow and he can even hover in the air. That alone can scare someone less accustomed to strange things of all sorts than our main heroes. But they are already used to weird persons that they have met a lot on their musical adventures. So without any hesitation they enter another rap duel.

To defeat Nonsense, you have to quickly hit the buttons without skipping a single note of the song. But not any buttons – the right ones will be shown on the screen. That means that you have to both keep your eyes peeled and your ears sharp. Each correct note you hit will bring you points. At the end of the round, the scores of both participants will be compared, and after three rounds, the winner will be determined.

But it wouldn’t have been Friday Night Funkin if something hadn’t have gone off. In the heat of the contest, Boyfriend shoots Nonsense leaving a bloody stain on his chest. And that’s when things go totally south. What kind of consequences it’s going to have for our heroes depends on your actions. Find out what happens at the end of this incredible story that lasts for a full week and includes a great variety of songs to party to!

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