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Even the most fascinating of games can get too familiar and a little boring sometimes. And that’s where such a great thing as mods comes to the rescue! And if there is a game out there with the most tremendous number of them released for it, it’s Friday Night Funkin! Ever after the launch of the original game that had six weeks and six different opponents to meet on stage in a rap battle, fans have never stopped working on their own versions of the story introducing new tracks and new characters. And if you enjoy variety just as much as you enjoy music, welcome to our amazing Friday Night Funkin mods!

Add diversity to the gameplay!

In case you don’t know what mods are (which is hard to imagine today, but still) – those are kind of extras to some game, usually made by fans, that contain additional content. They allow you to go outside the boundaries of the regular gameplay and try something new for a change. And there is no shortage of new stuff when it comes to FNF! There are dozens of great mods available for this game that tell us more and more details about the adventures of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, two main characters. On their way, they find themselves in the most unusual places and meet the most unbelievable creatures. Sometimes their life is in danger, but they enjoy this kind of adrenaline and never miss a chance to go on another tour. Are you with them?

Meet new characters and enjoy new songs!

Each mod is a little story of its own. At the beginning, you will see a few cutscenes showing how the heroes ended up in this situation. Then you will be introduced to a new opponent you will have to fight. Who is going to be this time? Perhaps the god-abiding clubbing nun Sarvente? Or the famous Red Impostor? You’ll have to go to another planet for that, but who counts the light years! Or maybe you want to find out what it’s like to clash in a rap duel with a zombie, computer program or Ronald McDonald? How about Sonic the blue hedgehog? Can he strike the notes as fast as he runs?

All these characters, along with new cool songs, will become available to you in our wonderful Friday Night Funkin mods. They will incredibly enrich your gaming experience and make you feel as if you just breathed in a gulp of fresh air. Don’t get stuck in the same gameplay for weeks, try something new and give a shot to one of the great FNF mods we have here! You will definitely have a great time and it will be a delight to your ears!

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