Friday Night Funkin Sky Mod

As you know, every rising music start has its fan pool. And if that start is a guy, there are surely plenty of teen girls in love with him. They write about that in their diaries, hang their posters on the walls of their rooms and even sleep with their idol’s photo under their pillows. And of course each of these girls dreams of meeting this marvelous guy in person one day and has no doubt he will fall in love with her once he sees her.

That also happened to Sky, a sweet-looking girl who fell in love with Boyfriend. She’s been waiting for so long to come to one of his concert, she was getting ready for it unlike for anything else in her life. She even started rapping and making some music herself to be worthy of him. She had these fantasies about them going on a tour together and conquering the charts. Nourishing these sparkling ideas in her head, she entered the concert hall… and saw Boyfriend and Girlfriend together!

It just can’t be, he already has a girl! This fact hit Sky like a hammer. But after she came around the first shock, she thought it was too early to give up. She will prove that she is better than her and what’s the most proper way to do it than entering the same music battle and winning? So now Boyfriend and Girlfriend will have to fight for their love not with the strict Daddy Dearest, but with a crazy fan who is hellbent on getting the main hero to love her no matter what.

As in the previous versions, you will have to show your perfect sense of rhythm by hitting the arrow or WASD buttons just in time to score a maximum number of points. You have to press the keys in line with the beat of the track that is playing right now, but note that it the tempo can change any moment, so you really have to keep your ears sharp, especially if you’re playing on a high difficulty level. See if you can straighten it out with Sky without the events getting dramatic and enjoy incredible music!

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