FNF: Madness Night Funkin’

As you know, Friday Night Funkin is rich in mods that are mostly crossovers with other games or even TV series. This is just the case. This game will allow you to fight on stage against characters from Madness Combat. The whole point of it is simple. The main character took up arms and went to impose justice,. Knives, axes, swords, rifles, submachine guns, blenders, shotguns, revolvers and body parts are used. But since the main characters are primitive humanoid blanks, it looks quite positive. Now you are going to meet him and other heroes from the cartoon in a rap battle!

How To Play

FNF is played like most rhythm-based games. The whole point is to press the right buttons on time. And that time is defined by the rhythm of the song. Note that it can be changing, so you have to keep your ears sharp and react on the spot. The difficulty of the song depends on the difficulty level you choose at the beginning. The buttons you’re hitting must coincide with the arrows that will be appearing on the screen. Striking the notes correctly will increase your score, missing them will diminish it. Start playing and have fun together with Madness Combat characters!


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