FNF Vs Plants Vs Zombies Replanted

There is probably no such gamer who hasn”t heard about Plants vs Zombies. In this arcade your house is attacked by the walking dead, but you have an army of genetically modified plants to guard it. There are so many kinds of them in your garden, just like there are numerous types of zombies with different abilities. Now all of them are also invading the stage! Yep, plants and zombies are going to make music. And you will be a witness to that! Moreover, you will have a chance to battle with them in a rap duel. Are you ready?

How To Play

In this game, you won”t have to plant various fruits and vegetables and fight off zombies. The whole battle will take place in the realm of rhythm and melody. You will see arrows above Boyfriend”s head – they indicate the buttons you have to press next time you hear a beat. Doing everything on time will gradually increase your score, while combos will multiply it. However, missing notes won”t be as good for the result of the competition. You have to demonstrate a good sense of rhythm to win here. There are three levels of difficulty to check out your skills and you can significantly improve your performance if you practice more! So start playing this amazing FNF mod right now!

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