Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Ben Drowned

There are so many great mods released for Friday Night Funkin that you never get tired of meting new characters willing to challenge Boyfriend on stage. This time you are going to rap against Ben Drowned. You will have to sing several groovy tracks against him and who knows, maybe he can do it much better, so you have to try. Why would you even go into such trouble? In order to please the girl of your dreams, as well as impress her father, who is a former rocker, that is, an excellent musician. If you succeed, he will probably allow her to date you! So do your best!

How to Play

In order for everything to work out perfectly, you will need to accurately and timely hit the buttons corresponding with the arrows that float from the bottom to the top on the screen. With every such successful hit, you will see your score grow. However, the situation can change if you stop being attentive and begin missing the notes. So focus on the process and don’t get distracted! There are three rounds in the game, so if you didn’t show yourself so well in one of them, you’ll have a chance to fix it. Prepare to plunge into the fascinating world of music and enjoy new amazing songs that the mod makers have selected for you!


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