FNF Free Play

The story of Friday Night Funkin unfolds within the boundaries of six weeks during which the main character has to battle various opponents. As he passes one week after another, you gain access to new rivals and new tracks. But what if you don’t want to wait that long and are really looking forward to unlocking some particular character? It can be done in FNF Free Play!

This alternative mode has been introduced to the game to give more freedom to players and encourage them to improve their skills. Here you can choose and play any of the songs you like regardless of the week it belongs to. That allows you to practice the hardest tracks at once and reacher higher results in a shorter time.

Once you enter the mode, you will see all the songs that are listed as they appeared in the game, from old to new ones. If you click the song’s preview, you will hear its instrumental version. There are only some exceptions, including Tutorial, Winter Horrorland and Monster (without Boyfriend’s voice) and Fresh (only with beatbox at the beginning and at the end). You can switch between three difficulty levels right in the process.

FNF Free Play is also a mode where you can set new records. After the track is finished, your score will be saved as a personal record. However, no matter how high your score is, it won’t change any of the results in the story mode. So it’s purely for the sake of practicing. On the other hands, any of the records you managed to set during each particular song in the six week campaign will appear in the Free Play table if they are higher than the number already put there.

Once the level is finished, you will return to the menu and will be able to choose another song. You can return to any song any number of times until you learn it to perfection (or maybe if you like it too much to stop after the first performance). After all, memorizing every beat of it precisely will tremendously help you in the story mode. Plus you will get used to frequent changes of tempo and tone which will come in handy on harder difficulty levels. Enjoy the perks of FNF Free Play right now and become the best rap start the world has even seen!

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