Friday Night Funkin Playground Test Remake 6

Are you tired of playing as Boyfriend? Do you want some variety in FNF? Then meet the incredible new Friday Night Funkin Playground Test Remake 6 mod! Here are collected all the characters that have ever appeared in the game and they are all playable. You can choose any of them and set the stage on fire!

When you start the game, you will see the avatars of the available heroes. Among them there will be those whom you already know from the previous chapters of FNF and some new faces, quite unexpected. For example, you can play as an albatross quacking in several keys, or even a bus capable of emitting signals of different tones. You definitely won’t get bored with such a variety!

All heroes are divided into characters from the official game and those that were added later in the mods. So you won’t have to look for someone you especially like for a long time, everything is located and sorted very conveniently. The gameplay remains the same, you need to press the buttons in accordance with the arrows on the screen. Only in this game you don’t have to try especially hard and hit the notes, because there will be no competition or scoring.

Here you can just relax and surrender to the rhythm of the music. You can experiment with the beat or just go crazy. That’s what Friday Night Funkin Playground Test Remake 6 was created for! By default, the action will take place on the stage, but you can change the location to any other, including performing right on the street or on another planet.

So if you want something interesting tonight, give this FNF mod a try and have fun! Find out what other opportunities are waiting for you and test each character, because they are all worthy of attention. You can expand your range of musical tools and learn some cool rhythm tricks. It will be fun and exciting!

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