FNF: Bob Sings Mask By Dream

One of the things that makes the Friday Night Funkin series so great is the variety of mods launched for this game. And if you want to hear some new amazing songs and meet new characters, welcome to FNF Bob Sings Mask By Dream! Here you will once again have to demonstrate your musical talent and perform a good deal of both easy and complicated tracks on stage to the cheering of the crowd and your girlfriend. Vibrant graphics, stylish design and of course incredible music will make it a delight to run this show!

How to Play

To start, select the level of difficulty depending on your skills in the game. Those who are just beginning to play FNF should choose the easiest level. If you already have some experience, go with the medium one. And if you want some hardcore action and get your fingers totally tired as you run around the keyboard, you can go with the hardcore. As you perform the song, try to hit the right buttons strictly in accordance with the rhythm of the melodies that are playing. If the indicator of performance is not in your favor at the end of the song, you will lose. So keep an eye on the progress bars of both you and your opponent to monitor the situation. You will definitely spend a wonderful time playing this mod and discover some new awesome tracks here!


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