Friday Night Funkin Characters

Video games are different. As they say for every taste and color. But sometimes real hits appear among them, one of which is definitely Friday Night Funkin. This game, created by a Canadian programmer, rose to the top of the ratings right after its inception. And now it is played by millions of users around the world. Are you not one of them yet?

FNF is the best game for real music lovers.

The game is remarkable for several reasons. First, there is music in the center of the corner. Accordingly, you are not only having fun but at the same time enjoying your favorite melody. Secondly, it evokes a spirit of competition and a desire to win, which of course makes the whole process very dynamic. Thirdly, of course, its original characters give a certain zest to everything that happens. Therefore, it is simply impossible not to play FNF at least once!

FNF characters that give the game a special charisma

Yes, the music is great. But the FNF game would not be so groovy and incendiary if it were not for its characters, which are sometimes quite surreal. But due to this, they are even more interesting and charismatic. Moreover, by choosing one of them as the main character, you can discover completely new tracks and enjoy a new rhythm or melody. That is why such diverse and dissimilar characters are presented here as:
Boyfriend and Girlfriend. These are the main characters of this whole story. And while the girl is resting cross-legged on the speaker, Boyfrenl struggles for her heart every time in the musical battle. The story revolves around these characters.
Girlfriend’s lovable daddy and mom. You cannot sincerely envy such a father-in-law and mother-in-law. After all, the girl’s dad is a former rock star. And his favor can only be achieved by matching to the beat of the melody. Moreover, he hired a tankman as an assistant to destroy Boyfriend. And Girlfriend’s mom with a demonic appearance also does the same unpleasant things.

Pico is a scumbag and paranoid who always holds an ultrasound scan in his hands, or even two. However, he is a longtime friend of Boyfriend. Tankman is another very interesting character who also intends to win the hand and heart of Girlfriend. And for the sake of this, he is even ready to unleash an army of tanks on everyone. However, Pico, despite their old friendship with Boyfriend, is ready to fight him back. This is just the beginning! Monster is a unique humanoid summoned by Dear Daddy. He sings peculiar songs and intends to destroy Boyfriend. However, it is unlikely that he will be able to do it in a musical battle.

Senpai is a pretty handsome guy who also wants to win the sympathy of Girlfrend. But nevertheless, it is unlikely that he will succeed. And in general, is he really as good as he looks, or is there something else behind this mask?
Skid and Pump. Two kids who are still impressed by the Halloween experience. Therefore, they always wear demonic clothes. But on the other hand, it’s cool! As you can see, there are a lot of interesting things in this game, you just have to start a musical duel!

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