Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sonic.EXE

Do you remember the funny hedgehog from the classic Sonic game? Forget about his friendly image. Now he is back to FNF music series in a completely new role. This legendary character is now replaced by his sinister version – Sonic.EXE. And he is challenging Boyfriend to a music duel in a very spooky atmosphere. Unfortunately, there is no turning back, and our hero is forced to agree so as not to lose his beloved. You know well that her father is just waiting for Boyfriend to fail. But you won’t let it happen, right? The main character really needs your help this time. Just look at the opponent – Sonic.EXE is really scary with blue hair and demonic eyes. Moreover, his appearance will be changing for the worse with every new soundtrack.
You will have to sing and dance to three new songs. And the peculiarity of this mod is that you need to successfully win the first song to obtain secret codes and get access to the two remaining ones. As it has been already mentioned, Sonix.EXE will do everything possible to distract you in order for you to fail. Every time, he will use a new skin to make you tremble with fear. But do not give up! You should take the same steps as you did in earlier rap battles that you have successfully won. Take a microphone, listen to the music and dance, fully syncing with the notes. Your aim is to repeat the rhythm of all three songs with as few mistakes as it is possible. If you do everything correctly, your opponent will not be able to harm you in any way. Do not be afraid of his eerie look, terrifying voice and dull background, just concentrate on the arrows on the screen. Press these timely and matching the song beats and you will outperform this enemy again.

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