FNF vs Bob and Bosip

Who are Bob and Bosip?

These two guys look totally real. They have bodies, heads and limbs, they can walk and talk and things like that. But they are actually computer programs. Not sure whether they know it, but they were created by another AI. Bob and Bosip live inside a computer. They can freely move around the internet and enter any game, but they will never set foot in the real world. Maybe that doesn’t even bother them too much because they have enough adventures as it is.

Just recently, they jump into a portal at the end level of Minecraft. But instead of getting to the dragon they were supposed to kill, they found themselves in the Friday Night Funkin universe. While they were looking around with their jaws dropped and trying to figure out what happened, they met Boyfriend and Girlfriend. It turned out there is a way out of this world into their own dimension, but for that our heroes will have to defeat them in a music battle. And since Bob and Bosip are constantly listening to the hottest music on the web, they gladly agreed.

Win in a rap battle to go home!

The gameplay starts with a regular week campaign. Only after that you can switch to free play. You can also play in split screen mode where one of the players will be rapping as Bob and the other as Boyfriend. They will all be in their respective settings. The mod includes several distinctive songs that will surely make a classy addition to your FNF playlist. You can switch between three difficulty levels. This is also the first mod to introduce note sprites for the control buttons.

FNF vs Bob and Bosip is interesting and fun to play. Unlike many other mods, it actually shows real cutscenes immersing you in the story that is about to unfold on the screen and real dialogues voiced so that you hear the speech of the characters. Play it online and receive another share of great emotions from amazing music that is going to flow from your speakers just as if you were performing on the real stage!

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