FNF Impostor Among Us

We present to your attention another mod of the world bestseller FNF, which has not let its fans get bored for many years. And every time the game becomes more exciting and interesting. In this version, everything is much more exciting. After all, an impostor appeared among the main, well-known, and beloved by all heroes who pretends to the hand of Girlfriend. The Boyfriend’s task becomes more complicated and he needs to show all his skills.
That is why rap battles promise to be even more desperate and interesting. Therefore, you should not be distracted by your favorite music. The correct solution would be to gather as much as possible and press the keys in time to the rhythm in order to move forward with the melody. Thus, you have every chance to stay at the forefront and win accordingly.
The FNF arcade is very fun and interesting. In addition to Impostor, you will also meet here other acquaintances, long-loved characters. You will be glad even for those who are skeptical about Boyfriend and want to put a spoke in his wheels. For example, as does dear Daddy, a former rock star and his beloved wife with the same demonic appearance. It remains only to fight off all of them and move to the rhythm of the music. In this case, Girlfriend simply cannot resist you. Well, you will not only be a winner but also achieve your goal.
In addition to the appearance of new characters, there is much more interesting that not only will not let you get bored but will also allow you to spend your time as exciting as possible. First, of course, it’s music. Moreover, the playlist has been replenished with new tracks, each of which is a real hit. And it, undoubtedly, deserves your attention as a real music lover. Play and enjoy! And secondly, it features bright and colorful graphics, which also cheer up and make the gameplay even more interesting. In other words, you will be satisfied with FNF Impostor Among Us and will not be able to tear yourself away from everything that happens in the music arena for a minute.
Therefore, do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today and join the musical duel as soon as possible. After all, here, the most vivid impressions await you. Millions of new friends from all over the world also participate in this online musical battle.

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