Friday Night Funkin Playground Test Remake 4

Friday Night Funkin is not just about great music. Here you will also find a wide range of characters that change every week. Throughout your musical career, you will meet an incredible number of very different creatures. Some of them are people like you, others live in virtual space, and others came from another planet altogether. On a stage filled with neon lights, under the anticipating gazes of the viewers, you will have to clash in a heated battle with supernatural beings and characters from other games.

What is especially pleasing is the number of mods that are regularly released for this game. Each mod brings something new, including additional heroes. Perhaps, even if you are a real FNF fan, you can hardly list them all right away. And imagine what a crowd it will be if you bring them all together in one game! Now you don’t even need to imagine, since there is Friday Night Funkin Playground Test Remake 4! This is an innovative mod for your favorite rhythm-based arcade where you can play as absolutely any character that ever appeared on the screen in front of you when you launched this game!

In addition to Boyfriend and Gilrfriend, all those with whom you have already battled in front of a cheering audience , trying not to miss a single note, will become available to you. You can test them in action, so to speak, enjoying the very movements and sounds that are peculiar them. This is a completely new experience that will allow you to look at Friday Night Funkin from a whole different angle. Moreover, the action can take place anywhere, at any location that have already been available in previous versions of the game. Here you will find an ultimate collection of tracks dancing to which is a sheer pleasure. And also some completely new, previously inaccessible content and features. Make this Friday night even cooler and have a massive disco featuring all the FNF heroes!

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